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Mat was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The first son of Lt. Cmdr. David Siscoe (retired) and Susan Siscoe, Mat has two sisters — his older sister Carolyn, who resides in Western Shore, NS, and his younger sister Anastasia, who lives in Toronto, ON.

Mat and his family moved to Britain in 1987 for a two-year posting and then returned to Canada in 1989, taking up residence in Ottawa. He attended Convent Glen Elementary School in Orléans, before attending St. Matthew High School for grades 7-OAC. He was elected Student Council Co-President in Grade 12 before graduating in 1999.

Mat moved on to Queen’s University in ’99 as a member of the Applied Science class of 2003. While studying mining engineering at Queen’s, he worked extensively in the student government, holding several positions within the Engineering Society. He also held down a full-time job during this time and graduated with honours in 2004.

After university, Mat moved to Changwon, South Korea to teach English. It was there that he met his wife, Chrissy Sadowski, a lifelong resident of St. Catharines, and, upon their return to Canada in 2006, they were engaged. They were married in Niagara-on-the-Lake in 2007, after Mat completed his teacher education studies at the University of Ottawa. He was also hired by the Niagara Catholic District School Board in the fall of 2007 and began working as a Physics teacher at Saint Paul High School in Niagara Falls.

Also in 2007, Mat and Chrissy began the adoption process and in mid-2009 were able to bring home their son, Xavier Ashenafi.  In the Spring of 2012, they welcomed their second son to the family, Canaan Anderson.  In the Spring of 2014, they welcomed their third son to the family, Darius Bryan.  In the fall of 2015, they completed their family, adopting Sophia Annabella into their family (Daddy’s little girl). The family also includes 2 dogs: Joey, a 15 year old Australian Cattle dog, and Apollo, a 2 year old Lab and Darius’ service dog; and 6 cats: Fuji, Snickelfritz, Maggie, Bolt, Business and Table 12 (best not to ask how they got their names unless you enjoy long stories).

Mat has been heavily involved in football and has coached in the Niagara Region for the last eleven years, both as a high school coach at Saint Paul and a community coach with the Niagara Regional Minor Football Association. He has also been involved with coaching the Saint Paul Rugby team. Over the last three years, he has gotten involved with the CYO Hockey league as his two boys (and now his daughter) have gotten involved with Canada’s sport, taking on roles with the St. Denis Parish as Assistant Parish leader as well as a Novice and Atom coach. He has taken time to volunteer with the MS Society in Niagara as well as run a charity Christmas party each of the last ten years for Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold, and since 2010 has worked as an overnight volunteer for the Out-of-the-Cold program at Queen St. Baptist Church.

Mat was elected to his first term on City Council in October of 2010, his second term in October of 2014, and his third term in 2018. He was originally selected by Council as the Budget Committee Chair in 2015, and has held that position continuously since then.

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  1. Hello Mat. Congratulations on winning the nomination. I am a PC here in Welland. I attended Bart’s nomination in the falls, and I have read about yours, but in Welland we have a very different situation. I am thinking of getting into the ring in the Welland riding. I have spoken to Bart about the state of things. I am young (39) was raised in the falls but have my residence and business in Welland. Any time you can spare for advice would be greatly appreciated.

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