Pre-game for City Council meeting – 190318

After a few weeks off (and a busy and exciting March break) we’re back at Council tomorrow night with a number of issue on the docket.

In Regular Council we’re dealing with the following motions:

  • A presentation about Outdoor Play Space design requirements from Michelle Sanders, who has done a great job of putting more accessible playgrounds on Council’s radar;
  • A motion supporting a petition entitled “Holding Elected Officials to a Higher Standard” – which sounds like a great idea in principle. I’m just trying to find out more information about it (this is what I have so far);
  • A motion endorsing Councillor Dodge as a member of the Board of Directors for the AMO Large Urban Caucus;
  • A motion stating that the City consents to amending the Regional Smoking bylaw;
  • A motion endorsing the request from the Region to procure a Government Relations firm to poll residents regarding the Provincial Governance Review;
  • And a motion regarding appointments to the District Airport Commission from the City.

In General Committee, we also have a pretty full slate: