Pre-game for the 190225 City Council meeting

A busy night coming up for City Council on Monday night. A quick rundown of what is on tap:

  • Council will get a quarterly report on the progress of our Cultural community from City Staff;
  • Staff will also present on the status of our Community Improvement Program – this is the City’s best tool for encouraging development in priority areas of the City. I will be requesting staff review the entirety of the program, with an eye towards bringing in a Commercial Redevelopment grant with the new iteration of the program;
  • A report on the contracting of road condition data collection and software services, of which about a third of the cost is being funded through a grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities;
  • A request to remove the Holding Zoning provision from 50 Herrick Avenue, due to the completed cleanup of environmental issues on the site;
  • A report on proposed amendment to the Provincial Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe area;
  • Guidelines for the location of Recreational Cannabis stores in the City, with the caveat that ultimately the Province is not allowing the City to exert any control in this area (as an aside – the proposed location of the first store does meet the standards set out by the Province);
  • A report on changes to the Procedural Bylaw related to Bill 68;
  • And finally, a report from the Ombudsman about the Closed Meeting hearing from last year. The long and the short of the report – there were some mistakes made in applying new legislation, and the City is taking steps to correct errors that were made.

There is also the usual correspondence:

  1. Town of Fort Erie – In House Waste

  1. Town of Fort Erie – Outdoor Second-Hand Smoke

  1. City of Toronto – Member Motion 2.10 Protecting the City of Toronto against potential impacts of the Government of Ontario’s Bill 66

  1. Township of Wilmot – Bill 66

  1. ORL as of February 14, 2019