Post-game report from St. Catharines Council, 190114

A little post-meeting update on what happened at St. Catharines Council this week.

The big news, already well reported in the local media (“St. Catharines says yes to pot shops“, “Three more Niagara Municipalities opt-in to Cannabis stores“) is that the City of St. Catharines opted-in to Cannabis stores, ahead of the January 22nd deadline. This entitles the city to share in the greater funds available to opt-in communities, to help mitigate costs associated to the legalization of cannabis by the Federal government. While there are some in the community with concerns, all of the data that came back showed a majority of residents in favour, and I believe it was the right decision for residents and the community.

The other big item from Council was a motion to adopt a plastic straw ban in all city facilities, reported as well by the Standard (“St. Catharines adopts plastic straw ban“). While the City will no longer be supplying plastic straws at City facilities (except in cases of accessibility) residents will still be free to use straws if they bring their own. The measure is an effort to continue to reduce the city’s environmental footprint, and while it is symbolic to many, it is an example of one of the small things each of us can do in our lives to reduce our impact on the planet.

Other items dealt with on Monday:

  • Council appointed Joe Critelli and Peter Partridge Jr. to the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre Board of Management;
  • Council moved the January 28th meeting of Council to 5pm from 6:30pm to allow for Council training and education before the main meeting;
  • Council passed a motion in support of local wines and beers as part of the Provincial Government’s consultation on the Modernization of Alcohol Sales;
  • Council approved a number of SCIPP (Cultural Investment Program) grants as part of the regular schedule of funding;
  • Council approved a company to develop an Arena Strategy to deal with the changes that have occured over the last 5 years;
  • Council approved the road construction contracts and associated works with respect to Third St. Louth;
  • Council approved the new Directors for the Downtown Association; and
  • Council referred the Capital Budget for the next meeting of COuncil and the associated Public Meeting, on January 28th.

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