QEW Martindale on-ramp slated to re-open on Wednesday

Great news for St. Catharines residents in the west end – the Martindale QEW on-ramp is slated to re-open oN Wednesday, assuming no weather delays. As a resident in the area, this will knock 5 to 10 minutes off my commute every morning, and make getting around the City a whole heck of a lot easier. Thank-you MTO for the early Christmas present!


  1. Great but… any reason why it’s scheduled to close again in the Spring for another whole year?

    It’s not just a Martindale community problem, as the increased volume to 4th/Welland/Ontario is a clog for half the city.

    Was this bridge work originally supposed to take 2 years to complete, or has something else happened?

    • Michael – I can’t answer that, as the project is entirely MTO. The bridge work is necessary, and my understanding is that while this phase lasted a little bit longer than originally anticipated, nothing else has occurred that would change the timeline for the project. I will ask our staff if they can get any additional possible reasons for the timeline and report back.

  2. Thank you Mathew.

    While this kind of work is mandatory and we as citizens need to be patient, My hope is the people making the calls that may or may not cause delays are held in check, as they may not be the ones living with the fallout 😉

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