Into the final week . . .

I haven’t commented a lot on the campaign thus far – one of the tricks candidates play on themselves is to assume you’re losing, and run like you’ve got ground to make up.

Into the final week now, though, and I’m feeling good about the response at the door. By and large, people know that St. Catharines has made strides in the last 10-15 years; almost everyone agrees there are areas we need to get better in, and sees pretty clearly where those areas are.

My commitment to the community has not changed. I will continue to work hard on behalf of the residents of St. Patrick’s Ward and St. Catharines as a whole, to collaborate with my colleagues on Council to find solutions to the problems we identify, and I sincerely hope to earn the support of voters when they head to the polls on the 22nd.

If you’d like to take a sign in the last final push, please reach out at, or click the link here and send me your info. If you have any questions about my platform or the issues I’ve raised over the campaign, please feel free to reach out.