Platform – Lower Costs for Residents

As the City’s Budget Chair over the last 4 years, I’ve led reforms to adopt better ways to manage our tax dollars. Unexpected emergencies like heavy snowfall no longer force next year’s taxpayers to cover the over-run; reserve funds have been established to save dollars when snowfall is light, to be used in the years when it is heavy.

The next area where I believe we can save future taxpayers money is by looking to our neighbours to share services. By examining best practices and identifying areas where teaming up with neighbouring municipalities can save all of us money, we can pass those savings on to our residents and create additional reserves to better protect our infrastructure.

Our budget process represents a complete overhaul from where we were four years ago, but the process now ensures residents can better track how their dollars are spent and why decisions are made form year-to-year. Building on the success of the last term, we can ensure future taxpayers are getting good value for their hard-earned money.