Platform – Deliver Compassionate Results

Over the last four years, Mayor Sendzik with the support of Council has initiated the Compassionate City program, aimed at better caring for residents in all situations and walks of life when they navigate our community. The project has taken many forms, and means different things to different people.

In 2017, I was blessed to take part in the first Compassionate City project, run by the JayCees. I was invited to be the June Ambassador, and part of my role that month is outlined here. What that experience, and the entirety of the Mayor’s #CompassionateSTC program showed, was the need for compassion as the City goes about the business of building our community.

Over the last four years I have supported new affordable housing projects and resources, work towards curbing the opioid epidemic in our community, new supports for shelter programs and additional resources in the downtown from mental health services and the NRP to ensure out community is welcoming and open to all residents. I started a task force to increase the safety of downtown residents and visitors; I want to ensure the hard work we’ve done to revitalize the area is enjoyed by the whole community, while also ensuring that our most vulnerable are not left behind.

Our community will only be as strong as our weakest members; we must make sure that all of our residents are able to enjoy the brighter future that lays ahead of St. Catharines.