Last night at Council – 180910

A fairly low-key night at Council last night, as we held a number of public meetings with respect to Planning proposals from different developers. Most contentious by far was a public meeting regarding a development at the north end of Niagara St.; a number of residents are dealing with significant flooding issues, and are worried the new development (which they are broadly in favour of) will make the flooding in Walkers Creek worse. Staff will report back on how this can be mitigated before Council votes on the proposal.

Also important – Diane Foster from the City Accessibility committee came to speak about the importance of sidewalks. This is (frustratingly) still a topic of conversation, and it shouldn’t be. Sidewalks are important for a community because anybody who has different mobility needs is dependent on sidewalks; and even if they don’t live in the community today, they may in the future. It was great to have Diane come out and speak last night.

Staff also formalized the Neighbourhood Organization program, which allows new community groups to use under utilized space at Russell Community Centre. If you are thinking about beginning a new neighbourhood group, contact City Parks and Recreation staff at 905-688-5600 and find out more about the new program.