Great News in our downtown

A good news story from this week’s Council meeting, where Council declared a piece of city-owned property surplus so that it can be redeveloped.

This piece of property, however, will be sold with the caveat that the potential developer must build affordable housing units. Given the property’s location right next to the bus terminal, and it’s central location in the city with easier access to many of the social services needed by folks with low incomes, I am glad most of Council saw fit to declare it surplus and move forward with an opportunity for our most vulnerable neighbours.

My comments, from the article:

“There are 11,000 people in Niagara who need affordable housing and the majority of them live in St. Catharines by virtue of it being the only urban centre in the region,” Siscoe said.

“We need to start thinking forward to what this situation will look like in five or 10 years when the waiting list is no longer 11,000 people, it’s 20,000 people.”

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