St. Catharines Election results

A big congratulations to my friend and colleague Jennie Stevens on her historic election night victory! While Jennie and I don’t always see eye-to-eye, we’ve always worked well together, and she’s always been willing to give me the unvarnished truth both when she likes my idea is great OR stupid. She’ll represent St. Catharines at Queen’s Park as well as she has represented Merritton on City Council, and if you talk to residents in Merritton you’ll know they’ve been pretty darned happy with her.

Congrats also to my friend Sandie Bellows, as well as to the legendary Jim Bradley. Both fought hard campaigns, and both should be applauded for once again putting their names on the ballot to try and build a stronger community. Shout-out as well to Jim Fannon for being the option for people who were fed up with everyone; that was a lot of people this time around.

Congrats to all – running is a tough decision, and you’ve all made your community proud.