Out of the Heat Fundraiser June 15th

Just got wind of a fundraiser for a new Out of the Heat program coming up on June 15th.

Some background info:

Out of the Heat is a summer shelter pilot project, spear headed by members of your community who are working together to fill a gap in service that has been identified. Our goal is to provide overnight shelter and food for anyone who needs it, up to seven days a week for the months of July and August. At this time we have a community partner who is willing to provide space from 8pm to 7am six nights a week for the duration of the pilot.

One of their asks is for volunteers:

There are three shifts available, and all hours can be modified to meet your needs. Anyone who commits to a minimum of one shift/week for the duration of the pilot will receive a letter of recommendation. Community service and practicum hours are available for those who are interested.

The shifts are as follows:

Evening: 7pm-11pm
Overnight: 11pm- 6am
Morning: 6am-9am

We thank you in advance, and ask that you contact outoftheheatniagara@gmail.com, or call Heather at (905) 246-1713 if you are interested in contributing your time, or in a different way.

If you are able to help, or have some other contribution you can make, please send your info along to the above email address.

And if you’re around and available on June 15th, I hope to see you at the Fundraiser! A great cause for our community.