Addressing the Opioid crisis in downtown St. Catharines

A good write-up about the work we’re trying to do in the downtown regarding the Opioid epidemic, and the hard work of the Overdose Prevention and Education Network of Niagara (OPENN).

I think at this stage, everyone is in agreement that a lot of work still needs to be done with respect to the opioid epidemic. While we’ve done a lot of good work to make downtown safer and more welcoming to residents and visitors, there are still issues to be dealt with, and as the heat map shows us, downtown is an area where opioids are used leading to a variety of other problems. We need to do better, and OPENN is leading the charge.

I’m glad to say Council recognized the need to add to, and not duplicate, the efforts of OPENN. Hopefully, in collaboration with them as well as the DTA and other stakeholders, we can ensure residents who need help can get it while continuing to enhance the experience for all in our reinvigorated downtown.