Bill Burgoyne Arena in St. Catharines

Hoping friends and residents who are associated with Kiwanis Hockey could share this post . . .

Recently, some families may have received an email similar to the one below that indicates that on Monday night, City Council will be considering a report that may result in the sale of Bill Burgoyne Arena.

This is absolutely not correct. The report does not deal with a possible sale in any way, shape or form.

What the report lays out is the investigation of third-party management of the facility. This would entail bringing in an outside operator to (hopefully) reduce costs and increase service levels. It is simply Council doing its due diligence on how to best operate City facilities.

It is frustrating that Kiwanis would send out an email that is misleading in this way, and I sincerely hope they take the opportunity to correct the record.

If folks would like to read the report, it is located here.

The email is as follows:

“Hello Garden City Kiwanis Hockey families, it has been brought to our attention that at the next City Council Meeting, Monday, January 29th, 2018 @ 6:30pm. One of the items on the agenda to be brought forward is the possible sale of Bill Burgoyne Arena. This is upsetting news to us and if the city does sell BBA it will have a very negative impact to our association.

Bill Burgoyne Arena is our home base, our office, storage and meeting rooms as well as being the main arena we play at.

The Kiwanis Executive is asking any parents (with their childen) to attend to show the city how important BBA is to Kiwains Hockey. Please bring your jersey home with you after your game this weekend to wear to the meeting if you are able to attend the meeting.”