#StCath Council preview for 171127

Council is coming up on Monday – a few of the more significant items (in my estimation, at least) that we’ll be dealing with on the 27th (agenda is here):

  • We need to select Councillors to serve on the Wine Festival Board, the Downtown BIA, the Port BIA and a Deputy Mayor. The first three will likely stay the same (Sandie Bellows, myself and Carlos Garcia respectively), but the Deputy Mayor position may come up for debate.
  • The Lowell Ave reconstruction tenders are coming back, and like many of the recent construction tenders, the bid prices are significantly higher than budgeted amounts we’ve approved through he capital budget process. I accept staff’s explanations for what is going on, but will be following up to determine what type of future budget implications remain through this process.
  • The folks from the St. Catharines Golf and Country Club who successfully bid on and ran the Scotties curling tournament are back and looking for Council support to bid on the Brier in 2020. As a Councillor I can’t say enough about how successful the last Curling championship was for businesses in the downtown; the phrase “Every night is Saturday night” got said a lot. While the request for the Brier bid is larger, the economic impact on our City and Downtown is bigger as well. I am hopeful Council will support the motion on Monday to partner with the Club.
  • The MOU regarding Integrated Municipal Transit comes to Council for approval on Monday as well. This is really another step in the road, and one without financial implications at this point, but it’s an important step that will allow the Steering Committee (which I sit on as Council rep) to start directing the Working Group on how to move towards more seamless front-end integration of the Transit Properties in NIagara. Residents believe in the concept of a consolidated system; this MOU gives us the chance to get the process moving.

Other topics on the agenda for Monday:

  • Approval for a 6 unit townhouse at 17 East St;
  • Property Tax reductions and cancellations for vacant Commercial properties;
  • An update on the wildly successful tree giveaway that the CIty undertook this year;
  • An automatic aid agreement with NOTL for Ice and Water Rescue Services;
  • Changes to the 2018 Special Events Waiving of Fees policy;
  • And information regarding the SnowBuddies program for Seniors and folks with disabilities.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding these or any other issues before Council, feel free to call at 905-329-8162, or better yet, email me at msiscoe@stcatharines.ca.