A busy Budget week

To all those residents interested in the upcoming 2018 Budget deliberations, a few notes:

  • On Tuesday, October 24th, the first Budget open house will take place at Seymour Hannah Arena
  • On Wednesday, October 25th, our third annual Budget Telephone Town Hall will take place from 7-8pm; Residents who wish to guarantee their participation can RSVP by calling 905.688.5600 or by completing the online telephone town hall RSVP form (please RSVP by noon on Tuesday)
  • On Thursday, October 26th, the second Budget open house will take place at the Kiwanis Aquatics Centre.

As always, anyone wishing to speak about the budget is more than welcome to do so, either by contacting me directly at msiscoe@stcatharines.ca or by emailing the entire budget committee at budget@stcatharines.ca.