171016 Council News and Notes

An update on what happened at Council on Monday night; of particular note, Rates and Fees have been established for the 2018 year – significantly earlier than in the past, and also with a more transparent report detailing why some fees increased, why some decreased, and why some were added or deleted.

The Budget committee, supported by Council, instituted an across the board policy of inflationary increases, which will allow residents to avoid the large 10-20% jumps that occurred in the past. This should provide greater certainty for residents going forward. Additionally, Council approved a transition plan for businesses who have been affected in the past by very large increases to rates, allowing them to smooth out the costs over a three year transition period.

Ultimately, our goals with any increases or decreases are transparency and fairness. I believe the decisions reached by Council on Monday speak to those goals.

To take a look at hte full report, check it out here.