#StCath City Council for November 30th – What’s on tap?

Easy to get out of the habit of doing these, but here goes with a rundown of what’s coming up next Monday night at 6:30 in Council chambers:

During the Regular agenda (located here):

  • We’ve got presentations on three topics, related to an award for the AODA 10th anniversary Champion Awards, an update and overview of Brock University and its future goals, as well as an overview of the proposed changes to the Lake Street Service Centre;
  • There are delegations related to affordable housing from Niagara Regional Housing and two public meetings regarding stopping up and closing unnamed streets and road allowances;
  • There’s a motion coming from the Mayor asking staff to report on the implications of eliminating property tax charges for Niagara Regional Housing properties;

During the General agenda (located here):

  • Reports related to the above public meetings;
  • The filling of two vacancies left by Councillor Elliott’s resignation from both the Economic Sustainability Pillar Committee and the Cultural Funding Task Force;
  • A supplemental report related to the creation of the Fire Master Plan committee;
  • A supplemental report related to the proposed consolidation of the Lake Street Service Centre;
  • Citizen appointments to the Museum and Arts and Culture Advisory Committees;
  • The Corporation’s Quarterly Investment report;
  • St. Catharines Transit’s plan for spending provincial gas tax money;
  • A report regarding the possibility of generating electricity from the kinetic energy in the city’s watermains;
  • The staff report related to Uber and car-sharing services in Niagara;
  • A report relating to future municipal consultation when placing cell towers;
  • And a report on the RFP process for the FOPAC Donor wall.

A number of interesting topics to be discussed, and I’m expecting a very busy and long night. If you have any questions, comments or concerns on any of the above topics, please drop me a line at msiscoe@stcatharines.ca.