Coming up at #StCath Council for February 23rd

After a bit of a hiatus, dealing with Budget and Rec Master Plan (both of which are conspiring to take up the vast majority of my life right now), I figured I should throw down a post relating to what’s on tap at Council on Monday.

The excitement is as follows:

  • The Open Air fire bylaw comes back after a bit of a delay to be dealt with. No changes have been made since it was originally brought to Council in December.
  • The open data initiative report will be considered, after being deferred in January. I am extremely hopeful Council will endorse a timeline to implement an open data philosophy at city hall.
  • The Rates and Fees public meeting will occur, and hopefully the Rates and Fees for 2015 will be passed.
  • The Procedural Bylaw (how we govern Council) will be debated.
  • A noise bylaw amendment to deal with issues in the downtown.
  •  An MOU with the St. Catharines hospital regarding displaying artifacts and displays at the hospital.
  • A report on the ODRAP program.
  • The final report of the Black History Committee will come forward.
  • The development charge fund will be reported on.
  • The Hulse and English Memorial Forest Reserve Fund will be reported on.
  • The Folk Arts Funding agreement will be presented to Council for approval.

In addition to hose, there will also be presentations regarding the Black History Committee’s work, the Folk Arts festival and the Open Data initiative, as well as a Motion declaring Vegfest an event of Municipal Significance. The General agenda for the evening is here, and the Regular agenda is here (for those unsure of the difference, technically two meetings happen every Council night – both agendas are relevant to figuring out what we’re doing ).

For interested parties – the #STCbudget committee will also be meeting on Monday night from 5-6pm in the Burgoyne Room at City Hall (formerly Committee Room 1, 3rd floor).