What’s on tap at #StCath Council for Monday, February 9th.

A quick rundown for what is coming up in General Committee of Council next Monday. The highlights are as follows:

  • Amendments to the Procedural bylaw will be coming forward (I am one of the few who would call this a highlight, I am sure);
  • A Planning report on the background regarding Port Place development;
  • A report awarding the contract for Parking Enforcement to the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires;
  • A PRCS report on how special events are handled in Montebello Park;
  • A request for staff to submit the Rec Facilities and Programming Master Plan draft report for public input (the consultation will be February 18th);
  • Procedural reports regarding the Monthly Investment Report, Council Correspondence, the Cheque Register and a proposed street name change for a part of Disher St to become Arsenault Lane.

The full General Committee Agenda can be found here. If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding an agenda item, feel free to email me at msiscoe@stcatharines.ca.