Cleaning up after a nice snow dump in #StCath

So . . . taking a peak out my window this morning, it looks like my street is plowed, which usually means almost everyone else has been done as well. I now has a mound of snow to shoverl before I head to work, but that is a far sight better than the alternative. If your street has been missed, however, call 905.934.4600 – that’s the City Hall Winter Control Information Line – and someone there will be able to give you the low-down on what’s happening in your neighbourhood.

Yesterday’s canceled Budget meeting puts us a little bit behind schedule for this week, but I’ve got meetings scheduled today and Thursday with my fellow Councillors to discuss their opinions on this year’s spending plans, as well as departmental presentations tomorrow evening at City Hall, where we’re going to try and get through the scheduled presentations as well as the ones we missed yesterday. All of this is in anticipation of Thursday’s Public Open House at the Kiwanis Aquatic Centre, scheduled from 6 until 7pm.

If you have nay questions, comments or concerns regarding this year’s budget, please email them to, or tweet using the hashtag #STCbudget. (EDIT: Almost forgot – the Draft Budget can be found here – it’s not a particularly readable format, so if you’ve got suggestions on how to improve how people read the darn thing, let me know)

Enjoy the Tuesday, St. Catharines!