Upcoming individual meetings with Councillors regarding the #STCbudget

Earlier this week, city staff sent out an email on my behalf asking Councillors to meet with me individually next week to speak about budget priorities. I am hopeful that these individual meetings will allow Councillors to let me know what their priorities look like for the upcoming budget cycle, and to ensure that their voices are heard before the budget is brought to Council. While I recognize there will be debate on budget night, and I welcome additional input, I am hopeful that we can do some of the legwork of crafting a more agreeable budget before we get to Council.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the budget, I encourage you to email the budget committee at budget@stcatharines.ca, or tweet using the hashtag #STCbudget. Additionally, you can email your individual Councillor in the lead-up to the meetings taking place on Tuesday and Thursday of next week, and ask them to bring their concerns to individual meetings.