An addendum to the #StCath Council rundown for Jan 26th

Received this afternoon by email from Coun. Matt Harris:

Whereas there is a vacancy to be filled for Regional Councillor;

And Whereas the City has no policy pertaining to the filling of a Regional Council vacancy;

And Whereas the City of St. Catharines passed a motion requesting the vacancy be filled by a dual-duty Councillor serving at both the City and Region, subject to approval by the province;

And Whereas the Province stated this change could be made in time for the 2018 Municipal Election, but not mid-term;

Be it Resolved that City Council endorses the following motion from December 13th, 2013:

“That Council request that the Region of Niagara apply to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to allow the City of St. Catharines to change its method of electing City and Regional Councillors to the “Double-Direct Method” as outlined in December 2nd, 2013 report, where six members of Council will serve on both Regional and City Council, while six members of Council would serve only on City Council, all to be elected on a ward system basis; and

That if the Region agrees to make this request, that a citizen task force be established to discuss and decide upon the issues related to compensation of these new ‘double-duty’ Councillors.”

Be it further Resolved that Kelly Edgar be appointed to the position of Regional Councillor,

Be it further Resolved that the City’s policy regarding filling vacancies on City Council be amended to include Regional Council vacancies.


It appears the desire to deal with Governance sooner rather than alter will come to fruition. Good to hear. Questions/comments/concerns – email me at, or leave a comment here.