#StCath Council agenda for January 12th, 2015

Busy night on tap for City Council this upcoming Monday, as we debate a number of important issues and hear from several community leaders regarding issues in the city.

In terms of speakers, we will be hearing from Gary Murphy from the Niagara District Airport about the strategic plan and Capital budget; we’ll hear form Kimberly Hundertmark on the annual report from the Niagara Wine Festival; and we’ll hear form George Darte regarding the Regional Council vacancy.

Reports to be considered include a renewal of the fee for service agreement with the Niagara Wine Festival (here); the discussion and decision on the empty seat at Regional Council (here); and a report from St. Catharines Transit on the purchases they are making with this year’s Gas tax funding (here).

For those curious about the gas tax funding, the break down of the approximately $3.8 million is as follows:

  1. Purchase four (4) new accessible 40 foot buses (standard diesel) at an estimated cost of $1,800,000 inclusive of taxes; and
  2. Purchase one (1) new accessible 60 foot long articulated bus (standard diesel) at an estimated cost of $705,000 inclusive of taxes; and
  3. Purchase new diesel fuel tank(s) for the maintenance facility to replace the existing fuel tank at an estimated cost of $500,000 inclusive of taxes; and
  4. Purchase replacement components for the Commission’s hybrid buses at an estimated cost of $250,000; and
  5. Utilize remaining funds (approximately $440,000) for the purchase of technology upgrades needed to support or expand accounting, operations and customer service systems.

In addition to the Discussion agenda, items on the consent agenda are as follow:

  • a Brownfield Tax Increment grant being transferred on 77 Avery Cres;
  • a facade improvement grant for 18 and 22 King St;
  • a report regarding the impact of Seaway construction on the Welland Canal Parkway;
  • the monthly investment report, cheque register and council correspondence.

The full agenda can be found here and here.

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  1. Thanks for your updates. P.S. Hope Council will consider more bus shelters and benches as part of their transit strategy.

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