Fantastic news for #StCath, and St. Patrick’s Ward – the GM redevelopment begins

I sincerely hope that everyone has seen this news, but if not, go here and read it now.

As anyone who has driven down Ontario St. knows, the city has needed a major facelift at the corner of Carlton and Ontario for a while now. The GM property, while an important and significant part of our community’s past, has been closed for a long time, and the lands beneath the buildings have fallen into an unproductive state. One of my platform planks was to specifically target the GM lands for redevelopment.

So to see that the Bayshore Group has plans for over $200 million in development planned can only be called outstanding. To read of plans for “a mix of retirement residences, apartment lofts, commercial business, a technical trade school and more” speaks to all of the hopes that we as a Council, and a community, have held. To hear that the Bayshore Group is relocating to St. Catharines is even more encouraging, speaking to the investments that we as a City have made in the last ten years.

I look forward to meeting with the developers and City Staff to make sure we expedite this process and get moving on the redevelopment. Kudos to all involved in making this a reality.