#StCath Council agenda for December 15th – early (and preliminary) edition

St Catharines council resumes its meeting schedule with the first business meeting of Council a week from Monday. A lot of the standard stuff, along with some important items related to how Council works on the agenda.

First and foremost, Council will be debating changes to the make up of the advisory committees at City Hall; more specifically, striking a task force to potentially reduce the number of committees and streamline how they operate. There have been many complaints from committee members over the last term that their voices were not being listened to – I am hopeful that this task force’s recommendations will help to fix that. In addition, we’ll also be selecting the Deputy Mayor and the Ad-hoc Budget committee, as well as the City representative(s) to the LCHS, the Niagara District Airport Commission, the Niagara Wine Festival BOD, the Downtown Association, the Folk Arts Council, St. Catharines Hydro, the Library Board, the Transit Commission, the Port Dalhousie BIA and the Niagara Symphony Orchestra. Representatives to Regional committees will also be chosen – specifically, the Transportation Steering Committee, the Culture Committee and Greater Niagara Circle Route Committee. That report is here.

Also on the agenda will be the appointment of a Disaster Relief Committee that will help fundraise under the auspices of the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program, which was set up for those residents in the West end affected by this summer’s floods. That report is here.

Council will also receive a report on the continued property standards concerns in Port Dalhousie. That report is here.

Other items on tap(reports can be found through the full agenda here):

An Incentive Grant report regarding 583 Welland Ave;

Corporate Insurance for 2015;

A streetlight maintenance contract renewal;

The passing of the final version of the Open Air Fires and BBQ By-law;

The 2015 schedule of meetings for Council (listed here);

The sidewalk snow removal program for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities;

Parking prohibitions on Albany Dr, Glenholme Dr and Rainbow Dr;

Removal of parking prohibitions on Royale Rd;

The tender of a water main replacement on Hiscott St;

The implementation of school zone policy (lowered speed limits, primarily) at 6 locations (listed here);

A pedestrian signal request on Vine St at Hill Park Ln;

The cheque register (where we spend money);

The cancellation, reduction and refund of property taxes;

The monthly investment report;

And finally, the correspondence that we receive. Most interesting amongst those items is a Public Meeting Notice – the 2nd Public Information Centre regarding the new Downtown Streetscape Design Guidelines will be on Dec 16th from 3:30-6:30 in Committee Room 1 at City Hall.

The full agenda is here; as always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at msiscoe@stcatharines.ca (the best way), or 905-329-8162 (the second best way).