#StCath Council rundown – Monday, November 3rd, 2014

An uneventful night at Council, but with a very significant development.

Council successfully passed the new 2015 Community Improvement Plan through Council this evening, with a unanimous 11-0 vote. Several changes were made from the 2011 plan, including opening the program up to the entire City, creating Community Improvement Priority Areas where the old CIP areas existed, and adding the GM lands on Ontario St. as an additional area.

While CIP policy can seem dry, it’s an opportunity for the City to entice and enhance investment opportunities in the St. Catharines. A good deal of the redevelopment of downtown that has occurred thus far has been a result of CIP spending, and the new look taking place to St. Paul St is proof positive of the good things the program can do. The changes we approved will help to ensure the program is sustainable in the long run, and also help build on the successes we’ve had so far.

Council also received a presentation from St. Catharines Transit about the new Transit app that can be downloaded to use when accessing the transit system. You can get more info about the app, which is available on Apple and Adroid platforms, here: http://www.thetransitapp.com/.