My commitment to #StCath and St. Patrick’s ward voters

My commitment to you:

  • Hold the line on taxes

Over the last several years, we’ve made several important infrastructure investments. While I’ve always believed most of these investments were necessary, I also believe that we must find a way to create savings on the Operating side of the City’s ledger. Going forward, I commit to working to both find those savings, and convince Council that the time has come to hold the line on taxes, and offer some relief to taxpayers.

  • Make your priorities the city’s priorities

Too often, residents become frustrated with the goings on at City Hall. There is a belief that the real concerns of residents are being ignored for the sake of one group’s pet project. I commit to listening to the residents of St. Patrick’s ward, and ensuring that your voices are heard at the Council table so that the priorities you believe are the most important to the city are the priorities that are moved forward.

  • Fix communication at City Hall

Many residents have grown frustrated with the communication, or lack thereof, coming from City Hall. In the past term of Council, I held monthly Ward meetings for concerned residents to speak to me directly. I will continue this practice in the future, and will look to new avenues to get the message out to residents.