Notes on a downtown co-op and Regional Transit

A couple of interesting stories in today’s Standard.

The first is a follow-up story about Our Community Food Store and their quest to put a co-op grocery store somewhere in the downtown of St. Catharines.  The thrust of the article focuses on the success of the Lexington Cooperative Market in Buffalo.  It was unfortunate to read some pessimism in the article, but overall it seems people are pretty optimistic and very supportive of the idea.  The truth is we’ve done a disservice to downtown residents by allowing the core to deteriorate to the point where there is no grocery option left, but the city is moving in the right direction now.  We’re getting to a point where residential occupation downtown will hit critical mass, and when that happens I think those amenities we need will be there.

The other article I wanted to highlight was regarding Regional Transit – numbers are in, and show a steady increase in ridership (although not where it was hoped).  The biggest drawback, as far as I can see (and I use the service) is the cost.  $5 moving to $6 does not make sense.  If I have to get to work on a daily basis, $200-$240 a month just simply doesn’t make it affordable for me to get rid of my car.  The Region needs to roll out some affordable fare options like monthly passes.