Big seats in the new arena

I give Doug Herod credit where credit is due – he does write a funny column, and his ability to focus on the minutiae is second to none and always results in an interesting column.  Thankfully, I’ve managed to generally escape his wrath.  I do not expect that record to hold up indefinitely.

All that said, todays column is an interesting and you should head over to read it.  I didn’t think he’d be able to resist talking about the Spectator Facility, so it’s good to see the blackout is over.  Keeps us on our toes.

In other SCStandard news – a great article about Mahtay Cafe and the very different and awesome vibe going on in that new business on St. Paul – if you haven’t yet, check it out (maybe take advantage of the free parking in the Carlisle St. garage) – and Bowling for Big Brothers and Big Sisters is coming up in February – I had a great time last year, even with my atrocious bowling skills.  Greg Washuta is the Councillor to have on your team – I am sincerely hoping he’s on mine again this year.