Year-end Reviews, updated with St. Catharines and Niagara content

EDIT – Reposted form earlier in the week, because it’s longer now, and with some updated local content.  Enjoy!

Because I get a kick out of these things, I’m going to slap together a post with the best year-end reviews from the last few and next few days.  The best ones tend to be the ‘look ahead to 2012’ – for no other reason than they come off reading like satire about two months into the year, regardless of whether they were written that way or not.

As a side-note – if you haven’t, check out a copy of the Economist’s 2012 special issue.  Awesome as always, and a chance to read what some of the leaders have to say about the upcoming year.

St. Catharines Standard: The Great Mogambo reveals all

St. Catharines Standard: The Year in quotes

St. Catharines Standard: Rick Dykstra’s look ahead

St. Catharines Standard: Jim Bradley’s look ahead

St. Catharines Standard: Top Newsmaker of 2011

Lawrence Martin in the Globe

Susan Riley in the Times-Colonist (and wow, is she angry)

CTV’s News Story of the Year

Harper isn’t changing Canada.  He’s demonstrating that Canada has changed – NatPost

National Post: Year-in-ideas

NatPost: George Jonas 2012 Predictions

NatPost: Conrad Black, sunny as always with a look ahead

I’ll add them as they start rolling in.  I find they’re usually a pretty interesting footnote to history.

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