Merry Christmas St. Patrick’s Ward!

I wanted to take an opportunity to wish everyone in St. Patrick’s Ward (and St. Catharines in general) a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season.  From my family to yours, I hope that the season treats you kindly, and that you find yourself refreshed and ready to face the winter that is waiting in the wings (don’t be fooled, we all know it’s coming).

The blog will be getting revamped and back up and running in the next few days.  I’ve decided to use my vacation productively, and since one of my goals in the election was to increase communication and transparency, I should put this communication tool to good use.  Hopefully I can write about topics that enough people find interesting – when in doubt, I can comment on whatever Doug Herod has chosen to write about on any given day.

Comments, as always, are welcome, so feel free to drop a thought when you have one.  With that in mind – again, take care, and enjoy the family time as best you can.