Support from all corners, partisan or not, is always welcome

Dykstra hits the campaign trail for City Council candidates

For the record – I will take support from many different sources.  I am incredibly appreciative of the support Rick Dykstra has given me in this election campaign, and the door-knocking last weekend was very helpful.  I have also gotten help in canvassing and support from people who identify with the NDP and Liberal parties, union members and business people, and I appreciate their support as well.  I will never turn away assistance from people who care about their community.

As for the charge that I have no platform – well, anyone who has visited this site over the last 9 months will know I’ve stated my opinion and platform quite clearly.  I thought the article above by Grant Lafleche was well written, and if people take issue with my accepting help from partisan individuals, I suppose there’s not much I can do to change that.  As I said, however, I’m appreciative of all the support I receive from many different corners, and I will continue to take that support as an indication that my message is resonating with a wide swath of voters.