The need for transparency at Council

How did your City Councillor vote on the last budgetary issue where taxpayer money was spent?

The truth is, unless someone asked for a recorded vote before it was taken, you won’t find out.  Votes at Council are done by visual inspection, and as a regular attendee at Council I can vouch for the fact that sometimes Councillors don’t even raise their hands.  While I’m sure to some this would seem like a small issue, there are taxpayers in the city who want to know who is making what decision when it comes to their money.

So I have a simple message to voters; if I am elected, I pledge to ensure that at any vote I am involved in that deals with spending taxpayer’s money, I will ask for a recorded vote.  While it may slow the proceedings down, I think it’s important that a record be formed so that voters can keep tabs on how Councillors vote to spend their money.