A campaign about ideas, not age

A press conference on Saturday garnered a bit of attention this weekend – a number of the younger candidates in this year’s municipal election gathered to talk to the media about the impact of a younger field, and what they perceived as a need for more young people on Council.

I chose not to attend for a variety of reasons.  The biggest was simply this – I’m trying to campaign on my ideas, and I don’t want my age to be an issue.  There are some who may see my age as a positive, but there are others who see youth as a hindrance; I want people to make their choice based on what I’m proposing.  I think my ideas will win out in more cases than not, and that is where I am focusing my energy and time.

I also disagree with the statement that “young people of the city […] have the most at stake in the local economy”, simply because they may live here longer.  Attitudes like that allow things like accessibility and walkable, livable streets to fall by the wayside, and that can’t be allowed to happen.

I am glad more young people are getting involved, and I sincerely hope that the new Council on Oct 26th has a mix of age and experience (myself included in that mix).  I just hope that something as irrelevant as age doesn’t become a deciding factor in who people choose to vote for.

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  1. Hi Matthew,
    I agree about the age factor. Ideas are not restricted to age but it is refreshing to see the interest of “the not so old” in running for public office. Good Luck

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