A strong week of campaigning

Another week down, and I have to say I’m feeling really good about the work I’ve gotten accomplished.

Over 2000 doors knocked on in 4 days this week, campaign literature sent to each and every one of those, over 200 conversations with residents who are not happy about the direction City Council seems to be taking the city, a meeting with the Brock University Student Union, 2 big articles in the Standard (a general rundown of the upcoming election, and a great article on the use of social media in the campaign), and 2 big chunks of the platform posted (fiscal responsibility and communication with taxpayers.

Signs are being ordered (and I’ve had a lot of good response about those, as well), the next campaign literature drop is being written (with the full platform included), and a few thousand more copies of the initial literature will be handed out over the next few days.  A busy lead-up to the really crazy stuff – post-Labour Day, when my day job (Physics teacher), football coaching, being a dad and husband and campaigning all combine to create a whirlwind of activity.

I can’t wait!