A 2nd day of ground-pounding and more great conversations

Working my way through the Martindale area, and a lot of great talks with residents about what concerns them about the current City Council.  A big one I keep hearing is a need for youth on council, both to bring a different perspective and to find ways to keep youth in the city.  I think people have found themselves agreeing with many of the ideas I’m bringing to the election; at least it seems that way from the reactions I get when I talk about my platform.

Some top issues today: a new hockey arena for the Ice Dogs (without the taxpayer being on the hook for $55 million) and the need for improved city services (trees and snow being the biggest topics).  A few residents liked the idea of a full services review that I had mentioned, but pointed out that I would have a big fight on my hands if I was elected and tried to implement it.

I agreed – but if I wasn’t willing to put up a fight, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into this in the first place.