To build sidewalks . . . or not to build sidewalks

You have to sympathize with the residents of the Heritage Point subdivision – after being given the indication by council that there were to be no sidewalks put in on their street, many went ahead and made modifications to their properties.

Then council changed its mind.

The problem here seems to be a lack of communication to local residents. Rather than explaining where the process was (i.e. – it had not actually been resolved, but was rather in limbo), City Council allowed residents to go ahead and make financial decisions that will now impact them adversely.

Now the city has a large group of upset residents, and has potentially left itself open to liability issues regarding money spent based on incorrect information.

Whether it costs the city money or not, however, is beside the point.  A group of residents was poorly served by City Council, and that sort of thing needs to come to an end.

Just one more reason to work towards a new Council on October 25th.