Jobs coming back to St. Catharines; let’s help more follow

This is fantastic news for the whole city:

General Motors Canada has made it official.

It is building a new line of fuel-efficient transmissions at the Glendale GM plant in St. Catharines.

The $245 million investment secures up to 400 jobs at the St. Catharines plant, with the six speed transmissions to be produced by early 2012.

I have said repeatedly that we can’t rely on manufacturing to be the whole economic package, but that doesn’t change the fact that we have a manufacturing base we can build off of.  This is great news from a company – brought back from the brink – that is now repaying the employees who made that rebirth possible.

The key for the next city council is to take that job growth and use it to trumpet the fact that St. Catharines is open for business, and look to expand our job market by diversifying the economy.