City Council almost drops the ball on artificial turf field

Over an hour debating the tender for the new artificial turf field to be built behind the 4-pad arena.  Numerous councillors with serious issues about the project, related to budget miscalculations and site selection.  Continuous questions to various city bureaucrats about decisions that have been made.  $500,000 in needed repairs to Victoria Lawn Cemetery put off for a year so that the money can be ‘found’ in the 2010 budget.

Result – a unanimous decision to award the tender.  Oh well – I suppose the drainage issues at the cemetery can wait for another year.  A quick back of the envelope calculation by several of us at the meeting on how much work has been deferred until next year – somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1,100,000.

But if you ask, city council will CROW about what a low tax increase they brought in this year!