Wasting time at council on more PDVC nonsense

This was an aggravating few minutes at council the other night, made more so by the fact that at one point Coun. Williamson seemed to indicate he wanted to publish the names of everyone in the city who was late in paying their taxes.  You know, as if a recession wasn’t a hard enough time as it is without the added stress of knowing you’re going to be outed as a tax delinquent as well.

I’m not too concerned with what back-tracking was done at the end of the whole exchange (and there was a LOT of back-tracking going on by Coun. Williamson when he realized he had zero support in council chambers); this was a witch-hunt from the beginning, designed to try and throw mud at a company that will be spending millions to add value to our community.  Whether you supported the Tower or not is of no real consequence anymore – it’s happening, and wasting time (and money – city staff had to prepare a report for this foolishness, at the taxpayers expense) on nonsense doesn’t help a single member of this community.

Shame on Mr. Darte and Coun. Williamson, and thank-you to Mr. Petrowski, Coun. Secord and Coun. Stack for very loudly voicing their disgust with this whole sorry situation.