When environmentalism meets environmentalism

Your quandry – you want to build a hydroelectric dam in an effort to generate 4MW of ‘green’ electricity.  Your problem?  To do so would disrupt the natural habitat of a band of unruly beavers.

Tough call.  Or not.

That would be the Twelve Mile Creek home of the city’s notorious downtown beavers, which dodged death just last year after council voted to stop trapping the property-destroying rodents. “The beaver dam is right where the power house would go — literally right on the spot,” said Perri. “I guess they would have to build another home.”

Start trapping the beavers, relocate them to another spot on the creek, build the dam.  I’m sorry – the pros outweigh the cons in this case, and the beavers will be just as happy 200m downstream as they are right now.  Shifting capacity away from coal-burning power plants is just a touch higher up on my priority list – as it should be for council.

EDIT: The draft official plan seems to expect and make this exception – “essential public works including […] public utility” are permitted public land uses in an area zoned like this one.  Why is this a debate?  It’s the direction the city wants to go in, as outlined by the new (draft) official plan.  Get it done.