PDVC pays their taxes – just like we all knew they would

This is only newsworthy because of the attempts by Coun. Wiliiamson and George Darte to make it so, but PDVC paid their taxes yesterday.  Nevermind the fact that what they were doing was a normal part of doing business; now that the Port Tower fight has been lost, some members of council have decided that the best use of council’s time is to be bought up with irrelevancies.

I say that simply because of this statement at the end: “”If they didn’t pay, we’d get our money out of it,” she said.”  Of course they would.  Have you ever known a government that wouldn’t take its pound of flesh the moment it was available?  The ‘concern’ shown by Coun. Williamson and Mr. Darte was political opportunism, and not particularly useful political opportunism at that.

Could we move on to other things now?  Regardless of which side of this fight you’ve been on, it’s over now, and the City has more pressing matters it can actually do something about.