Public Transit in Niagara

Bruce Timms asks an important question in this article, and I’m looking forward to it finally being answered.

I’ve been in favor of expanding GO services into the Niagara region since the day I moved here – I think the region needs to become a satellite community of the GTA to increase its tax base and bring younger families to the peninsula.  This will happen if the ability to travel quickly and inexpensively to outside areas of employment exists – it’s one of those “If you build it, they will come” situations.

From an anecdotal perspective, that’s happening – ridership seems to be increasing, judging by the number of people I see waiting at the stop each morning when I go to the YMCA.  I would be interested to see if that anecdote bears out in the actual numbers, but increasing ridership will take some time, as I said above.  It’s a new option – ridership can’t happen overnight.

So why are we still waiting for a park-and-ride?  Even a temporary solution would be better than what people have now, which is nothing.  Even just adequate shelter for people during inclement weather would be an improvement on the current situation.  I understand that the Mayor can’t give definite timelines, given that he doesn’t control the funding, but SOMEONE must be able to offer some insight.